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Usually the first experience with litigation that most people have is as a result of property they own. Whether you live in your own home, have rental property, are buying or selling property, or lease a suite in an office building, you will eventually face legal issues. Not all require the services of a lawyer. But if you find yourself lost in the paperwork, are worried about the fine print in the deed you signed, or simply would like someone to “backstop” you before signing a contract, you are not alone. While real estate documents have become more user-friendly over the years, they can still be an expensive minefield for a lay person. A short consultation with Richard Boyer may put your mind at ease. Richard has been representing clients in real estate matters for over 30 years. In real estate, perhaps more so than in other areas of law, experience is a key factor in achieving desired results.

Richard Boyer represents real estate clients in the following areas:

  • Purchase/Sale Contracts
  • Broker-Agent disputes
  • Boundary and easement disputes
  • Specific Performance
  • Mediation/Arbitration
  • Neighbor/neighbor disputes
  • Nondisclosure and fraud issues
  • Premises liability

Real Estate Lawyer, Disputes, Zoning, Real Property, Contracts Litigation

Boyer Law is a San Diego California (CA) Real Estate Attorney law firm. Our legal services include: Construction Law Attorneys to help you with your legal affairs.

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