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Warranty law is fundamentally an offshoot of contract law. One party agrees to guarantee the quality of a product or service as part of the purchase price or cost of service paid by the other party. This, of course, oversimplifies the current state of warranty law. Warranty laws apply to products – automobiles, toasters, tires, computers, and homes – and services – repairs, dentistry, painting, internet hosting, and cosmetic surgery – and can have as many limitations and conditions as the United Nations Charter. Breach of warranty cases generally involve state and federal consumer protection laws, statutes of limitations, and the legal concept, privity, which addresses the party or parties to whom warranty obligations are owed. Make sure the lawyer handling your warranty matter is familiar with these concepts, and has carefully considered their ramifications on your case.

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In addition to the complex web of codified law, there are a multitude of reported cases that have attempted to interpret that law through all of its changes over the years. A competent warranty lawyer will search reported case law to fully analyze your case. Only after doing so, can you be fully advised of the strengths and weaknesses of your case, and whether you are likely to prevail if your case goes to trial.

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Richard Boyer will not handle your case if he doesn’t believe you have a reasonable expectation of winning. Litigation should only be pursued if reasonable efforts to resolve the dispute informally have failed. Meritless litigation should never be pursued. Richard candidly advises his clients if their matter should be pursued, and whether there is a reasonable chance of a satisfactory result.

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