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Anyone who doubts the effect of litigation on the marketplace need only analyze the phenomenon of construction defect litigation over the last thirty years. Whether you think it is a good thing or not, it cannot be disputed that home builders are producing a better product now than they were in the early 1970’s before consumer attorneys began representing homeowners in construction defect lawsuits. Construction defect lawsuits cost insurance companies so much money it forced them to charge higher premiums or decline coverage to contractors, subcontractors, and material manufacturers. Insurers began to manage their risks by insisting that builders implement best practices or be denied coverage in the future. In the early days of construction defect cases, it was common to find extremely shoddy residential home construction, with resulting damage like water leaks, soil subsidence, stucco and drywall cracks, plumbing and electrical problems, and doors and windows that fell apart in the first years of a home’s life.

Construction Defect Lawyer

To their credit, builders and building departments learned from the mistakes discovered in construction defect lawsuits. Building codes are more stringent now, laws have changed, and most reputable home builders are building a vastly better product than they were just two or three decades ago. Consumers are the winners, because homes are now being built to last at least the thirty to forty years they are expected to.

Like most areas of law, construction defect litigation has developed into a specialty, due to the specific codes and cases that apply to this unique area of law. Lawyers practicing in this arena need to understand statutes of repose, warranties, insurance coverage, and construction practices.

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