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“A meeting of the minds.” This is the simplest definition of a contract, and it is the first thing taught to every first year law student. It represents the highest molecule on the very tip of the iceberg when there is a contract dispute. When a contract has been breached, whether there was a “meeting of the minds” when the parties signed the contract is usually not an issue. Rather: Was the breach “material”? Was there a condition precedent before performance was required? Was performance excused? Are contract damages sufficient to give the aggrieved party the “benefit of the bargain”? Were the terms of the contract sufficiently defined, so the parties knew what was expected of them? These are the kinds of questions only a Contract Lawyer experienced in litigating contract disputes knows to ask, let alone attempt to answer.

The Contract Attorneys at The Law Office of Richard L. Boyer, APC are experienced at litigating contract disputes, negotiating contract terms, enforcing lease agreements, and interpreting arcane clauses in the fine print of the “boilerplate” portions of those agreements that nobody reads. We read them. We determine what they mean, and we tell our clients whether they impact their ability to prevail in a dispute with the other party. We have success in proving breach of contract. We know what it means to have a valid contract, and a material breach. We know how to prove contract damages

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Despite the popular phrase, “verbal contracts aren’t worth the paper they’re written on”, they are enforceable. You read that right, verbal contracts are enforceable. Surprisingly, verbal contracts are frequently easy to prove and enforce. Not always, of course, but under the right circumstances, we can prove the parties: reached an agreement; one party performed; the other party materially breached the agreement; and our client suffered damages as a result. This is a fairly common scenario, and juries understand it. Let the Contract Lawyers at The Law Office of Richard L. Boyer, APC advise you as to the likelihood you will prevail if you attempt to enforce your verbal contract.

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